Early Termination

An Early Termination Request in GMAS is necessary when a project will be ending prior to its Anticipated End Date. The process may be initiated by the PI; or, on occasion, by the sponsor. An Early Termination may arise when:
  • A Harvard PI transfers to another institution, completes the project’s Scope of Work ahead of schedule, or is required to relinquish an award due to the Terms and Conditions of the award itself or those of another new award/professional position the PI intends to accept.
  • The Sponsor notifies Harvard that it intends to cease its support of an active award. 

Overview of the process in GMAS

  • The Department, Pre-award, and post-award teams are all made aware that the Early Termination will be pursued. Notification may come from the sponsor, PI or department depending on the reason behind the termination.
  • Working with the PI, the Department Administrator gathers the information that will be needed for the request. (noted below)
  • The Department enters the early termination request in GMAS and Department-level Electronic Signatures are secured.
  • In coordination with the Department Administrator, the Financial Analyst and Grants and Contracts Specialist overseeing the project confirm Harvard’s Final Figure(s) for Federal Transfers of Award to another Institution; or verify its projected best estimate of the Final Figure(s) in circumstances when they will suffice for any non-Federal Sponsors or Federal Awards that will be terminated in whole (rather than transferred).
  • When the sponsor sends the Notice of Termination, the OSP Awards Management Team will treat it similar to a Notice of Grant Award. It must be logged to the project and reviewed prior to any revision to the GMAS fund.
  • The OSP Awards Management Team submits a request for a revision to the GMAS fund.
  • The OSP Operations team initiates a revision on the GMAS account.
  • The OSP Awards Management team reviews and commits the revision to the account, which generates an action memo that is sent to those listed on the Administrative team in GMAS

Information Needed for an Early Termination Request

  • Proposed new End Date
  • Identification of the reason for the Early Termination
    • Such as distinguishing between a Transfer of Award or total Termination of Award
  • Any Funding Limitations applicable as a result of the Early Termination
    • Such as provisions related to the level of a Stipend allowable for the final period
  • Final Figures or projected best Estimates (as required by the Sponsor or type of termination).
  • Clearance on Patent Reports /Property reports
  • A Final Progress Report, if required by sponsor
  • Identification of “Who & Where” any potential Refunds and/or Assignment and Release Forms will need to be remitted