New Organization/Sponsor Process

External organization profiles in GMAS are records of any non-Harvard organizations that have been in the role of sponsor, prime sponsor, other sponsor/pass-through, or subrecipient on Harvard sponsored projects. New organizations can be added by GMAS users university-wide and are reviewed and activated by the OSP Pre-Award Operations team.  

Note: If a new organization is industry/for-profit, please check with the Office for Technology Development (OTD) to confirm if their involvement is needed before creating a new organization profile in GMAS.  

A GMAS user at the university may create a new external organization with the status “New” to be used as a sponsor, prime sponsor, other sponsor/pass-through, or subrecipient by selecting the “Create a new Organization” button from the Organizations tab that resides on the GMAS Homepage. The user is required enter the full name and address to complete the record entry. This will allow the organization to be associated to a proposal/request, project segment revision, or subagreement. For details on how to create a new organization shell in GMAS, please see GMAS user website resources.

OSP Operations receives a daily report with any external organization in GMAS marked as “New”* and reviews the new organization. The review process includes validating the legal name and assigning the classification attributes/organization type (e.g. US Foundation/Nonprofit) to the organization in GMAS. While subagreements are vetted through a risk assessment at the time of award, new sponsors and prime sponsors are vetted by OSP when the organization profile is created. The vetting process includes, but is not limited to, a restricted party search through visual compliance, a search for entity registration, and exclusion records in After a thorough review, OSP will then approve and activate the organization. If you have questions regarding the new organization process, please reach out to


*As of September 1, 2020, a New Sponsor Approval form is no longer required.