Carryforward (CFWD) allows unobligated funds remaining at the end of the budget period to be carried forward to the next budget period. The CFWD of funds allows the Grantees to use the unused prior year funds in the current budget period. Please note, that some sponsors may limit the use of CFWD for an immediate need only.

The Sponsor Notice indicates whether Automatic CFWD is allowed. Grantees must request prior approval in writing, per Sponsor’s Terms and Conditions if CFWD is restricted on the notice of award (NOA). If CFWD of unobligated balances is not authorized on the NOA the award is set up as year logic.


Department and PI

  • Confirms with OSP Research Finance that there is a balance available for CFWD and how much is requested.
  • Submits CFWD requests in GMAS and via sponsor portals as needed.
  • Provides information required by sponsor guidelines for the GMAS request, which may include:
    • Documentation of sponsor guidelines for requesting CFWD
    • Justification of why funds remain
    • Categorical budget and justification
    • Specific rationale for the request
    • Cover Letter with the PI’s signature
    • Any other information required by the sponsor, department, or university

OSP Awards Management Team

  • Reviews the GMAS request and verifies the CWFD amount with the Research Finance Team.
  • Submits the CWFD request to the sponsor via e-mail or sponsor portal, if accessible
  • Coordinates issuance of a subaward amendment, if necessary
  • Requests that a revision be prepared in GMAS
  • Reviews and Commits the revision which generates an action memo that is sent to those listed on the Administrative Team.

OSP Research Finance Team

  • Verifies with the Department that there is an available unspent balance
  • Submits invoices and indicates the CFWD amount as required by the sponsor
  • Submits financial reports, if required by the sponsor
  • Reconciles the account in GMAS by entering a final figure, if necessary

OSP Operations Team

  • Initiates the revision to the GMAS account
  • Records CFWD amount to appropriate years on the GMAS award
  • Reallocates funds according to department request, if necessary

Additional Resources

The National Institute of Health (NIH) requires a specific process for requesting carry-forward. For more information on this process, please review the NIH Grants Policy Statement.