Financial Management of Incoming Billing Agreements

Incoming billing agreements involve the reimbursement of salary for Harvard staff and students working at another institution on a sponsored project. Since incoming billing agreements are set up in GMAS, OSP Research Finance Post Award Operations (PAO) Team prepares billing agreement invoices in GMAS on a monthly basis using expenditures associated with each general ledger close. The Department/Local Level Managing Unit is responsible for posting billing agreement transactions in the general ledger. Ongoing reconciliations of billing agreement accounts should occur as they normally would with any other sponsored fund since OSP Research Finance prepares invoices based on transactions in the general ledger. Any over-expenditures are excluded from invoicing and must be removed by the Department/Local Level Managing Unit as part of their ongoing reconciliations.

The OSP Cash Management Team processes billing agreement payments, deposits the income into the sponsored fund, and updates the receivables in GMAS. The PAO Team coordinates the collection of unpaid billing agreement invoices and involves the Department/Local Level Managing Unit as needed.

Please refer to Entering Sponsored Incoming Billing Agreement in GMAS for the detailed business Process.