The reporting of programmatic and financial information to the sponsor may be required based on the terms and conditions of the award. The timely and accurate submission of these reports ensures compliance with sponsor requirements; mitigating institutional and financial risk to the University.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting requirement vary by sponsor and by award, with some sponsors requiring detailed financial analysis, while others require no reporting. All financial reports are recorded and tracked in GMAS by OSP Research Finance. OSP Research Finance identifies the complexity of each financial report using the GMAS Financial Deliverable Types and records the reporting period and due dates of each financial report. The OSP Research Finance Team assumes the primary responsibility for preparing and submitting financial reports. As part of this process, OSP Research Finance will provide a general compliance review of transactions for allowability, allocability, and reasonableness based on the terms of the award. When requested, the department/local level managing unit provides OSP Research Finance with a validation of financial information prior to OSP Research Finance submitting a financial report to the sponsor. Throughout this process, the status of each financial report is tracked in GMAS on the Financial Deliverable Dashboard. All financial information must be reviewed and approved by OSP Research Finance prior to submitting it to the sponsor.

Non-Financial Reporting

Non-Financial Reports are intended to summarize the project accomplishments and highlight any achievements or outcomes as a result of the sponsored funding. Common non-financial reports include progress narratives, technical reports, property reports, and patent/invention reports.

It is considered a best practice for the Department Administrator to schedule non-financial reports in GMAS to provide visibility to and planning for completion of the reports. Additionally, a copy of the submitted report should be added to the GMAS Segment Repository.

For questions about non-financial reports, please contact your OSP Awards Management Portfolio Owner.