Mailing Instructions

GMAS has a Mailing Instructions field that is meant to be a communication tool with your OSP contact reviewing your proposal request. This field communicates important contact information for the sponsor to which you are applying. 

When Harvard is the Prime

 Use the mailing instructions field to communicate how the proposal will be submitted. If:

  • Using ASSIST: state “ASSIST” and enter the ASSIST Application Identifier number
  • Using Workspace: state “Workspace” and enter the workspace ID
  • Using a Portal where the PI will have to submit, explain how the proposal will be submitted
  • Using a portal where the OSP contact will have to submit, provide instructions
  • The proposal must be emailed to a sponsor, provide instructions with the associated email contact details
  • A proposal must send a hard copy version of the proposal, provide instructions with the appropriate mailing instructions
  • NSF proposal, state whether you used Fastlane or to develop your proposal

When Harvard is the Subawardee

  • Enter the name and email address for the contact person to whom you would like your OSP reviewer to send the final proposal.
  • Enter any other email addresses for individuals you would like copied on the submission email
  • Explain any other additional information you would like to communicate about the submission of the proposal