REACH Program

*The REACH Programs are currently on hiatus. Please contact for any questions and additional training resources.*

Overview of the REACH Program

Under the direction and management of the University Research Administration Training Team (URATT), the Research Excellence in Administration Certificate at Harvard (REACH) Program is an interactive and engaging certificate program specifically designed for Harvard research administrators and other personnel engaged in assisting in the management of sponsored funds.

The REACH Program has two levels: Foundations 101 and Foundations 102. To learn more about each level of REACH, including the selection process, course schedules, and more, please follow the links below.

Please note: each level of REACH is not a prerequisite for the next; for example, a qualified individual can enroll in 102 without completing Foundations.

REACH Program Online Application Form

Selection Process

Each level has its own specific application requirements; please see each level's individual page for details. Generally, across all programs, applicants will be asked to complete an application form and a short essay. An admissions committee will review these applications and each applicant will be informed of admission status. The goal of the admissions committee will be to create a balanced cohort with University-wide representation.

Local REACH Program Contacts

For more information about the REACH Program, we encourage you to contact your local REACH Representative. Here is a list of the local REACH contacts:


Q. Which level of REACH is right for me?

A. Broadly speaking, your years of experience in research administration are a good guideline. Foundations 101 requires 0-3 years, Foundations 102. The starting numbers (0, 3, and 6 years respectively) generally serve as absolute minimums, however we do review each applicant on a case-by-case basis.

Beyond minimum experience requirements, only you can decide which level or levels are best - we've had several cases where administrators with many years of experience have completed Foundations 101 and found it very useful. Each level has different teaching styles (e.g. case-study based vs. lecture), time commitments, and application requirements. Those serious about applying to REACH are encouraged to carefully read the relevant course descriptions and webpages and send any unanswered questions to Katelyn Lippman

Q. Do I need to be a Harvard staff member to apply to this program?

A. Yes, you need to be an active Harvard staff member to apply and participate in this program. To qualify for Foundations 101 and Foundations 102, your official Harvard start date must be at least one month before the application deadline of the cohort you wish to apply. For example, if the Foundations 101 Fall deadline is August, to qualify for enrollment your official Harvard start date must be no later than July of that year. 

Q. Will completion of this program mean I will get a promotion, raise, or bonus?

A. While participation in this program will provide you with an excellent opportunity for professional and personal growth and may give you the competitive edge needed to advance your career, successful completion of this program will not automatically result in a promotion, raise, or bonus.

Q. Is completion of the Foundations 101 program a prerequisite for the Foundations 102 program?

A. No, the levels of REACH are not prerequisite to one another. Qualified participants are welcome to complete as few or as many levels of REACH as they desire. While not common, there have been cases where individuals have completed Foundations 102 and have then chosen to complete Foundations 101 afterwards. A new application does have to be submitted for each level. 

Q. Why is there an application?

A. The application process allows us to identify interested candidates with a need for this training, assess their commitment to the program, and optimally balance the cohorts with University-wide representation.

Q. Are there pre-class assignments or homework each week?

A. It varies by level - Foundations 101 has regular pre-work and homework. Foundations 102 has regular pre-work and homework and a final presentation. The program is designed to effectively immerse participants in grant administration and therefore we anticipate learning to take place both inside and outside of the virtual classroom.

Q. I have some questions about the program, who should I contact?

A. Please contact Katelyn Lippman.

Q. Will these courses be held during the day or evening?

A. These courses will be held during the work day (weekdays between 8:30am and 4:30pm). Please see the individual webpages for the current course schedules:

Q. If I did not complete the REACH Foundations 101 program, am I still eligible to apply for the REACH Foundations 102program?

A. Of course! The levels of REACH are independent curricula, and are not prerequisites for one another. We welcome prospective candidates to complete as many or as few levels as is best suited for their career development needs.