About Us


The Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) supports and advances the University's mission by providing leadership and expertise in research administration and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.


The Office for Sponsored Programs partners with the research and academic community in obtaining and negotiating awards, stewarding sponsored funding in accordance with regulatory requirements, encouraging continuous professional development of our staff, and providing technical expertise to the academic and research community.


The Office for Sponsored Programs has responsibility for sponsored programs across the entire lifecycle of the award. These responsibilities are broadly broken down into three main categories: pre-award, research finance, and sponsored financial reporting, billing and collection. Specific responsibilities for each of these areas is as follows:


On each team, the pre-award staff works closely with faculty members and their research staff to:

  • identify opportunities for research funding
  • review and assist in the preparation of proposals
  • negotiate terms and conditions of awards with sponsors
  • identify and resolve issues that arise throughout the lifecycle of the award.

A primary responsibility of these staff members is to protect the University and its researchers in the areas of intellectual freedom and ownership of intellectual property. Pre-award staff includes:

  • Sponsored Programs Administrators
  • Senior Sponsored Programs Administrator
  • Subcontract Specialist
  • Data Management Specialist and Assistant Manager
  • Grants & Contracts Specialists
  • Senior Grants & Contracts Specialists
  • Manager, Sponsored Data Integrity
  • Sponsored Programs Officers
  • Grants & Contracts Officers
  • Associate Director, Grants and Contracts Administration
  • Director of Pre-Award Services

Research Finance

The research finance staff on each team works with school research administration and grants management staff to:

  • ensure accurate and compliant accounting of income and expenditures on sponsored project accounts
  • complete and submit financial reporting required by sponsors
  • complete, submit, and collect on periodic invoices
  • assist with account reconciliation and closeout

Research Finance staff includes:

  • Business & Financial Analyst
  • Financial Analysts
  • Senior Financial Analysts
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Manager of Compliance & Outreach
  • Director of Research Finance & Reporting

Sponsored Financial Reporting, Billing and Collection

The Sponsored Financial Reporting, Billing and Collection team has primary responsibility for managing cash receipts, including the management of approximately $600 million in letters of credit and accounts receivable. Receipts include checks, wire transfers as well as draw down of funds on letters of credit. There are fourteen federal agencies that pay funds through letter of credit. The Department of Health and Human Services currently allows draw down of funds in aggregate, though it is moving towards a fund-by-fund draw basis probably within the next year; others require draw down on a fund-by-fund basis. Most of the agencies require the filing of a quarterly report which includes fund by fund information including quarterly spending, total spending, and account classification such as active, inactive and closed. This team is responsible for filing the required reports. The Sponsored Financial Reporting, Billing and Collection team is also responsible for oversight of the University's sponsored accounts receivable.

Sponsored Financial Reporting, Billing and Collection staff includes:

  • Sponsored Associates
  • Financial Analysts
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Manager, Sponsored Financial Reporting, Billing and Collection

Cost Analysis and Compliance

Additionally, we share a strong affiliation with the central Cost Analysis and Compliance function under the direction of Judith Ryan for the University area, Kristie Froman for the School of Public Health, and Rita Bergemann for the Harvard Medical School.

OSP Research Administration Email List

This email list is used to disseminate information that is important to the Harvard University sponsored research community in a direct, timely, and efficient manner. We strongly suggest that all staff responsible for research administration sign up for the OSP Research Administration Email List.

Primary Points of Contact for Clients

OSP has assigned to each department a primary pre-award contact (for University area only) and a primary post-award contact (for all University clients, including Longwood Medical Area). For more information on the point of contact for your department please see the Contact OSP page. For any additional questions you may have regarding the Office for Sponsored Programs, please call  617-495-5501.

Please note that the two Longwood Medical Area schools, HMS and SPH, have their own pre-award offices.

1. The HMS Sponsored Programs Administration office is directed by Rachel Cahoon (617-432-0050 ).

2. The SPH Office of Research Administration is directed by Frank Urso (617-521-3339 ).