Transaction Monitoring

The posting and reconciliation of sponsored expenditures is the primary responsibility of the department/local level managing unit. To facilitate the ongoing monitoring of expenditures, the GMAS Transaction Monitoring module identifies expenditures that present an increased compliance risk to an award. A monthly or quarterly review of the Transaction Monitoring module is suggested and OSP Research Finance requires that all monitored transactions be reviewed as part of any final reporting requirements or closeout. The following list provides a summary of the types of transactions that may be monitored and flagged for review.

  • Object Codes Typically Unallowable on Federal Awards
  • Pre-Award Spending
  • Spending After the Account End Date
  • Animal Expenses without a Valid IACUC Approval
  • Human Subject Expenses without a Valid IRB Approval
  • Equipment Charges within 90 Days of the Account End Date
  • Misposted Subcontract Object Codes
  • Sales Transactions and Costs of Goods Sold

User resources for navigating the GMAS Transaction Monitoring module are available on the GMAS website.