Cost Sharing

To ensure all sponsor requirements for cost sharing are being met, all cost share commitments must be tracked and recorded during the award. It is the primary responsibility of the Department/Local Level Unit to post cost sharing transactions and to monitor and reconcile them according to the sponsor’s terms and conditions. OSP Research Finance provides oversight of cost sharing commitments to ensure they are met, and when required, reports cost sharing to the sponsor.

The Department/Local Level Managing Unit records cost sharing commitments in GMAS and commonly utilizes a [companion account] to record the cost share expenditures in the general ledger. One type of cost share that is not recorded in the general ledger is In-Kind cost sharing, where an estimated value of goods or services is provided to support the project. 

At the time a financial deliverable is due, OSP Research Finance will determine if cost sharing must be reported, per the terms and conditions of the award. All cost sharing expenditures must meet the allowability requirements of the award, unless the sponsor approves otherwise. If the Department/Local Level Managing Unit does not use a companion account, OSP Research Finance requires a copy of the general ledger identifying the cost sharing expenditures posted to a non-sponsored account. The same requirements apply at closeout.

For more details, refer to the Cost Sharing Policy, and the University Cost Sharing Procedure Guide.