Re-Budget of Restricted Categories

A restricted category is a specific amount of funding that has been identified to apply to a particular category (such as tuition, participant support costs, childcare funds, etc.) and cannot be used for other purposes. A request to use these funds for other purposes requires a GMAS request to re-budget restricted categories and sponsor approval of the changes.

Requesting a Re-Budget of Restricted Categories

To request a re-budget of Restricted Categories in GMAS, from the segment home page, select “Actions” and then “Create request”. Select “Changes to Existing Segment”. Follow the prompts to enter the required information before locking and routing.

Information Needed:

  • Justification for the request
  • Re-budget account information and totals to be moved between the identified accounts
  • Other information as required by the sponsor, department, or University

Re-Budget of Restricted Categories Roles and Responsibilities

  • The department holds primary responsibility for entering information in GMAS to formally request a re-budget of restricted funds.
  • The OSP Awards Management team reviews re-budget requests once the GMAS request has all required signatures.
  • The OSP Awards Management team submits to the sponsor, as applicable, and marks the request as submitted in GMAS.
  • The OSP Operations team initiates a revision on the GMAS account.
  • The OSP Awards Management team reviews and commits the revision to the account, generating an action memo that is sent to those listed on the Administrative team in GMAS.