Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)

The Federal Demonstration Partnership is a cooperative initiative among 10 federal agencies and 154 institutional recipients of federal funds. The primary purpose of FDP is to reduce the administrative burdens associated with research grants and contracts.

The FDP is a forum for individuals from universities and nonprofits to work collaboratively with federal agency officials to improve the national research enterprise.

The FDP uses committees, subcommittees and working groups to accomplish its goals. The committees are divided into Operational Committees and Programmatic Committees. The Operational Committees oversee the functioning of the organization, while the Programmatic Committees are formed around the areas of research administration where the FDP works in trying to gain efficiencies. For more information on the various committees of FDP please click on the links below:

Operational Committees

Programmatic Committees

FDP meets three times a year. Harvard has many representatives from across the University that attend the meetings and volunteer to serve on the various committees and subcommittees.

Proposal Stage

When Harvard has subawards with other FDP institutions, the standard statement of intent (SOI) should be used as a cover page and must be signed by your OSP representative. Please contact your OSP representative to complete the SOI. Large amounts of institutional information beyond what is captured in our SOI should not be requested, as this information can be found in the FDP clearinghouse, in the link found in our resources below. Any additional request for institutional information should be communicated to your OSP representative.

Managing an FDP Award

The FDP prior approval matrix is a quick reference guide when managing these awards. Some prior approval requirements are waived for FDP members, reducing the administrative burden.