Participation Agreement


Source: Harvard OVPR Website

Individuals who perform research at Harvard and/or who may create intellectual property through the use of Harvard resources are subject to certain University policies and, in some cases, to the terms of agreements between Harvard and third parties (e.g., other institutions, organizations or companies). Such policies cover, for example, the ethical conduct of research, publication of research results, retention of research records and handling of intellectual property. Among these policies is the University’s “Statement of Policy in Regard to Intellectual Property” (or “IP Policy”), which governs patentable inventions, copyrightable works and tangible materials made through the use of funds, facilities or other resources provided by or through Harvard.

Learn more about Participation Agreements from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.

Proposal Stage

Participant agreements are not required at the time of submission.

Award Stage

Participant agreements must be completed by all Harvard members of the research team before an action memo may be issued or an account may be established.