The provost’s review provides University level review of projects that pose complex management challenges. Provost review is required when a proposal meets any one of ten Provost Criteria, including factors such as size (dollar value) of project, complexity, location, use of name and others. This review is done to ensure appropriate plans are in place to mitigate any risks identified and manage project complexities


Before locking and routing in GMAS

When a proposal requires provost review, the department should email the provost with the following information as soon as they know the proposal will require a review:

  • State what triggered the need for the review
  • Provide a justification for why these factors are essential to the success of the project
  • Upload a copy of the email to OVPR and the justification to the GMAS request document repository

OVPR Contact

Rachel Talentino

Once the proposal is locked and routed

The OSP proposal reviewer will add the Provost as a signatory in the GMAS request. The signature will prompt a formal provost review. The justification must be uploaded to the GMAS request document repository so your proposal reviewer can facilitate the conversation with the provost.