Segment Closeout

Once all of the subactivities of a project have been disabled and when the project ended over 9 months ago, segment closeout begins. Each month, OSP Research Finance and the Pre-Award offices receive a report identifying segments that are ready for closeout or segments that require additional actions prior to closeout.

The Pre-Award offices work with the Department/Local Level Managing Units as needed to resolve any pending GMAS requests or open pre-award items that prevent segment closeout and to confirm that the project is not ongoing. Once Pre-Award resolves the pending items the segment closeout process resumes.

OSP Research Finance resolves any outstanding post-award GMAS issues related to outstanding receivables or incomplete financial deliverables. Each month, the Post-Award Operations Team manually closes each segment that has all accounts disabled and no pending requests or open items in GMAS. Once a segment is closed, it cannot be re-opened.

GMAS Process for Segment Closeout