Proposal Deadlines for Internal Review

Policy Statement

The complete and final proposal, accompanied by the necessary School-level approvals, as well as any other attachments or approvals required by the sponsor or the University, must be received by the submitting office at least five (5) full business days prior to the sponsor's due date (or, for electronic submission, due time). The sponsor's due date is defined as the date and time after which the sponsor will no longer accept proposals. In cases in which Harvard is a subcontractor, the sponsor's due date will be determined by the submitting institution.

Schools may impose additional requirements regarding review and approval by School-specific committees of sponsored programs proposals, including international proposals.

If Harvard internal deadlines are not met and the submitting office does not have sufficient time for a thorough review, the proposal will not be submitted.

In cases of serious extenuating circumstances, a request for exception to this policy must be made by the submitting office to the University Director, Sponsored Research. Exceptions are not anticipated.

Who Must Comply?

All Harvard units submitting sponsored proposals through the University's three sponsored programs submitting offices must comply. The three offices are the Harvard University Office for Sponsored Programs, the Harvard Medical School Office of Research Administration, and the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Office of Research Administration.

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