Use of Name

When representing the University in an official capacity, all units of the University and members of the faculty and administration must use “President and Fellows of Harvard College” in their publications and documents. Approved University stationery must be used for official correspondence.

University names and insignia may be used in connection with any academic University program provided that the program has been approved in advance by the responsible department chair and dean or director, and Provost, as appropriate. 

Each school has one (and in a few cases more than one) representative designated as a liaison for questions regarding the use of the school’s name and insignia by faculty, staff and students within that school. Please reach out to your liaison should you be representing the University in an official capacity.

Proposal Stage Requirements

Use of school name must be flagged in the GMAS request at the proposal stage. OSP will review to ensure appropriate approvals have been obtained.

Award Stage Process

At the award stage, OSP will review for appropriate approvals and ensure language is inserted in the award terms and conditions.

Polices & Guidance