Change Tub and Org

During the life of a grant award, it is possible that a situation may raise where management of the award needs to transfer from one Tub and/or Org to another Tub and/or Org. The most common situation in which this occurs is when a PI has a dual appointment or is transferring from one department to another within Harvard. These changes rarely require sponsor approval and can be handled with internal GMAS requests.

If the Tub/Org change is simultaneous with a PI change, please reach out to your OSP Pre-Award Team Portfolio Manager for additional information on properly submitting the PI Change request.

Requesting a Tub/Org Change

To request a Tub/Org Change in GMAS, from the segment home page, select “Actions” and then “Create request”. Follow the prompts to enter the required information before locking and routing.

Information Needed:

  • Name/number of both current and proposed Tub and Org
  • Justification for the change
  • Signatures from both the current managing Tub/Org and the future managing Tub/Org
  • Other information as required by the sponsor, department or University

Expenditure Allocation

If a new Tub and/or Org must be established, the department is responsible for making the determination of which expenditures must remain on the original Tub/Org’s account(s) and which must be transferred to the new Tub/Org’s account(s). Any expenditures on the original Tub/Org that are associated with the new Tub/Org can be transferred in “lump sum” by object code to minimize the number of journal entries in the general ledger.

Tub/Org Change Roles and Responsibilities

  • The department holds primary responsibility for entering information in GMAS to formally request a Tub/Org Change and for transferring expenditures to the new tub/org.
  • The OSP Awards Management team reviews Tub/Org Change requests once the GMAS request is completed and signed.
  • The OSP Operations team initiates a revision on the GMAS account.
  • The OSP Awards Management team reviews and commits the revision to the account, generating an action memo that is sent to those listed on the Administrative team in GMAS.