Receipt of Award

An award is received when the sponsor sends a notice of grant award, also referred to as notice, NOGA, NGA, sponsor notice, or award letter. Pre-award offices typically receive notices, but occasionally a PI may be notified directly. Notices may require the signature of an authorized University official, also called an Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR). Notices should be forwarded to OSP for review and processing.

When a notice is received by OSP, the Operations team logs the notice in GMAS, and sends an email to the appropriate Department Administrator and PI, copying the Pre-Award Portfolio Owner. This email includes a link to the Sponsor Notice Processing Checklist for Departments, which identifies actions the department must complete before the award can be set up in GMAS. The Department is responsible for reviewing the notice, confirming the research team, and completing any outstanding approvals prior to award set up.

The OSP Operations team creates a ticket in JIRA after logging the notice in GMAS. This ticket tracks the processing of the notice from initial Portfolio Owner review, review and negotiation by the Grants and Contracts Officers if needed, and the set-up of the award in GMAS by OSP Operations once the agreement has been fully executed, the research team confirmed, and approvals completed.

The OSP Operations team initiates a revision on the account in GMAS which creates the 33-digit account string(s) necessary for charging expenses to the award. Accounts are created in accordance with the initial request. Any modifications to this set up should be requested as soon as possible after the NOGA is logged.

The OSP Awards Management team reviews and commits the revision to the account, generating an action memo that is sent to those listed on the administrative team in GMAS.