Subactivity Disabling

After OSP Research Finance enters the Final Figure for an activity-subactivity combination in GMAS and the account is reconciled, the account is automatically queued for disabling 90 days after the account end date. OSP Research Finance also has the ability to manually queue a subactivity for disabling ahead of that schedule, when required. The automated disabling process in GMAS feeds reconciled accounts for disabling in the GL. This process occurs on the 4th of every month and accounts that satisfy the disabling criteria disable by the 10th of that month (or by the 18th of the month for quarterly closing). No disabling process runs from June through August due to fiscal year-end.

Accounts will fail to disable if there are balances to non-sponsored funds using the sponsored activity-subactivity combination. These balances are most common when there is a balance on a companion account, which is commonly used for recording cost sharing or when there are work-in-process (WIP) equipment entries associated with fixed assets that require reconciliation. Until these balances are reconciled, the account will continue to fail disabling.