Working closely with University-area schools and departments, OSP Pre-Award supports Harvard investigators in their pursuit of external funding from proposal development through award set-up and administration. Comprised of the Proposal, Awards Management, Operations, and Grants and Contracts Officer Teams, OSP Pre-Award provides subject matter expertise and institutional review to facilitate our investigators’ sponsored research endeavors.

Pre-Award Teams:

Pre-Award Operations

Grants and Contracts Officer

Proposal Review

Awards Management

Pre-Award Operations

The Operations Team is responsible for all aspects of data integrity in the Grants Management Applications Suite (GMAS), including the establishment of new accounts, renewals and continuations of awards, and understanding the downstream impacts of account set up. They serve as experts on the Harvard chart of accounts and GMAS security to assure that the key operational components of roles and responsibilities are properly captured in the system. The Operations Team also reviews, monitors, and reports on new and established organizations (sponsors and subcontractors) to align with compliance guidelines. 

  • Review award documentation; create and maintain award project records in GMAS, ensuring high quality data accuracy
  • Manage the logging and distribution of incoming sponsor communications regarding new and ongoing awards
  • Review, approve, and process all GMAS security requests for OSP, HGRSS, OTD, and RSO
  • Manage all domestic and foreign new sponsor requests university-wide
  • Report on all outgoing subagreements subject to the Federal Funding Accountability Transparency Act (FFATA)
  • Monitor subrecipients through questionnaires, reports, and A-133 guidelines
  • Assess current pre-award business practices, develop best practices, and identify opportunities to streamline and improve business processes

Grants and Contracts Officer Team

The Grants and Contracts Officer Team facilitates the review, negotiation and execution of research-related agreements in support of sponsored projects conducted by University-area researchers. The team:

  • Reviews, negotiates, and signs incoming sponsored research agreements
  • Issues and signs outgoing subagreements
  • Reviews, negotiates, and signs data use agreements and non-funded collaboration agreements
  • Serves as subject matter experts on regulatory and contractual matters applicable to sponsored research
  • Liaise with other University offices, including the Office of the General Counsel, the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs, and the Office for Technology Development to resolve policy questions and implement guidance
  • Provides dedicated support for international sponsored projects, including sponsored projects routed through Harvard Global

Proposal Review Team

The Proposal Review Team facilitates the review and submission of funding requests on behalf of University Area and Wyss Institute researchers. The team:

  • Acts as Authorized Officials on behalf of the President and Fellows of Harvard College
  • Completes administrative and compliance review and submission of all initial, competing, or retroactive requests for funding support, as well as submission of Preproposals and Letters of Intent
  • Serves as subject matter experts able to advise on a variety of federal and non-federal sponsors
  • Provides timely responses to the general inquiries inbox
  • Coordinates exceptions to the University Five Business Day Submission Review Policy
  • Liaises with OVPR, OTD, OGC, and School colleagues as necessary with the shared goal of successful proposal submission
  • Processes “incoming” Billing Agreements using sponsored funds

Awards Management Team

As part of OSP’s Pre-Award team, Awards Management provides administrative oversight through each phase of a sponsored project. We collaborate with department administrators and Investigators to ensure compliance with all sponsor requirements, Harvard policies, and award terms and conditions. Awards Management Team members are responsible for assigned portfolios and act as the Authorized Organizational Representatives that review, approve, and submit the following:

  • Continuation requests (including Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR))
  • Supplements
  • Augments (Supplement with an Extension)
  • Just in Time (JIT) 
    • Other Support
    • Revised Budgets
    • IACUC and IRB status
  • Other sponsor prior approvals including significant budgeting requests, change of scope, PI change, subagreement at no additional cost, reduction of effort on key personnel, no-cost extension, carry over, pre-award expenditures, carry forward, award transfers, and early termination of awards

In Addition, Awards management is responsible for:

  • Reviewing award notices for compliance requirements and ensure that all internal and external approvals are in place before processing an award, including:
    • IRB, IACUC, Biohazards/COMS, Stem Cells (ESCRO)
    • Confirmation of research team, participation agreements, fCOI, provostial approval 
    • Cost sharing documentation
  • Reviewing and approving outgoing subagreements & amendments 
  • Coordinating with department administrators to provide budget allocations and account requests in our system of record (GMAS)
  • Working with Pre-Award Operations to ensure proper set up of award data in GMAS
  • Coordinating with Dept Administrators/PI to process closeout procedures such as final patent and progress reports
  • Communicates and acts as liaisons with sponsors, departments and other Harvard’s offices (OVPR, CUHS/IRB, IACUC, OGC, etc.) with respect to award administration