Milton Fund Management to Transition to OVPR

The William F. Milton Fund, one of Harvard's oldest existing bequests, has funded projects in medicine, geography, history, and science since 1924. The award is available to faculty across all Harvard departments whose projects promote the physical and material welfare of the human race, investigate the value of any discovery or invention, or assist in the discovery and perfection of any special means of alleviating or curing human disease.

The Office for Sponsored Programs is Moving!

The Office for Sponsored Programs will be moving soon to its new location.

As of October 12, our new address will be:  
Harvard University Office for Sponsored Programs  
1033 Massachusetts Avenue
5th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138 

If you send any physical mail to OSP, please be sure to update your address listings accordingly. Also note that our central phone number, (617) 495-5501, will remain the same.

Celebrate National Research Administrator Day!

Author: Jessica McCann

Today marks the first annual National Research Administrator Day.

The holiday, which was created recently by representatives at NCURA, is now officially celebrated on September 25. It is designed to recognize the ways in which administrators at universities, medical or research institutions, and federal, private, or nonprofit organizations “serve the faculty and researchers, protect the institution or organization and assure sound stewardship of sponsored research dollars.”

Studies Rank Harvard a Leader in Scientific Advancement

Author: Jessica McCann

In a recent study, Harvard University was ranked among the top three American universities in terms of scientific advancement. Researchers Steve Hsu (Michigan State University) and Jonathan Wai (Duke University) published an article on Quartz on September 10 detailing their analysis of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics contributions by universities throughout the US.

Monitoring Expenditure Rates: A University-Wide Effort

Author: Beth Whitmore McKay

The Office for Sponsored Programs has recently been involved in discussions with the CFO of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Air Force Research Lab (AFOSR/AFRL) regarding the Department of Defense’s continuing concerns about grantee expenditure rates. In summary, agencies are closely monitoring spending rates and have stated that failure to spend grant funds in a timely manner can potentially result in a reduction of funding.

NIH System Issues: Guidelines for Dealing with Technical Problems

Are you experiencing technical difficulties with your grant application? NIH’s website features a guide to dealing with system issues.

If you experience technical problems, send a detailed message to the appropriate system contact as soon as possible. Include any relevant tracking numbers and application details and answer technicians’ messages promptly. NIH’s website notes that applicants who experience legitimate system issues beyond their control and respond diligently to technical representatives will not be penalized for late submission.