New Program Income Information Page Posted to OSP Website

Author: Jessica McCann

If you have questions on how program income works, how it’s administered, or your role in the process, the newest page on our website can help.

Program income is revenue generated directly by a supported activity or earned as a result of an award. In the case of both federal and nonfederal sponsored projects, the University requires PIs to identify and document program income, as well as resulting earnings and expenses, thoroughly and compliantly.

Insights from the NCURA Region I Spring Meeting: Discussions, Updates, and a Big-Picture Focus

Author: Brian Cody

The recent spring meeting of NCURA Region I offered a number of interesting discussions and updates. Session topics ranged from improving communication between different offices within a university to data analytics and post-award best practices. Much of the format was discussion-based and centered on the interests of the attending group. Of course, the presentation on social media in sponsored research stole the show, with our very own Eric Dorman and Naomi Handler earning an exclusive (and well-deserved) five-star rating on the NCURA Region I app!