Reminder: FY17 Fringe Rates Announced

FY17 Fringe Rates have been announced, and signed agreements are now posted on the OSP website. To view the new rates, see the Fringe Benefits Rates page.

All outgoing proposals should budget using the new rates.

Note that the fringe benefits chart separates the staff fringe benefits into 2 parts: the regular fringe and the vacation assessment. Please use these rates for all outing proposal budgets.

FATREF Form Updated

Author: Jessica McCann

As of this week, an updated version of Fly America Travel Reimbursement Exception Form (FATREF) is available on the OSP website. The new version of this form features clarified and expanded wording in the Open Skies Agreement Exception and Certification sections.

New Page: OBI Tools for Grants Management Reporting

Author: Jessica McCann

For the past several years, Harvard administrators have relied on CREW reports for financial and grant reporting information. But as technology and University reporting requirements to sponsors have evolved, so have the needs of staff. Enter the Modernization of Financial Reporting (MFR) Project, which is working to modernize the University’s financial reporting platform by implementing Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI). The transition to OBI for grant reporting will take place during summer and fall 2016.

Training Opportunity Available: Harvard Travel Policy Help Session

Date: Thursday, May 12, 2016, 10:00am to 11:00am
Location: Cambridge, 1033 Mass Ave, 5th Floor, Room 559

This session provides registrants with an opportunity to discuss questions they have about the travel policy, present travel scenarios and gain a deeper understanding of the Federal Travel rules that apply to traveling using Federal funding. These sessions are available via web-ex and in-person.

When Deadlines Disappear: NSF Test Finds That Eliminating Deadlines Reduces Number of Proposals

Author: Jessica McCann

As detailed recently in Science Magazine’s ScienceInsider, NSF may have found a unique new way to reduce the number of proposals it receives. Assistant Director for Geosciences Roger Wakimoto announced that NSF has completed a pilot project in which submission deadlines were removed across four different grant programs. The results are staggering: proposal submissions dropped by 59% after deadlines were eliminated.

Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP): An Overview

Author: Jessica McCann

At a recent RAS Coffee Club meeting, OSP representatives Webb Brightwell, Senior Manager, Sponsored Operations, and Sheila Doyle, Manager of Sponsored Financial Reporting, Billing, and Collection, provided an overview of Harvard’s membership in the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP). Below is an overview of some discussion points.