February 2017

Harvard's GMAS Blog - Great Information on OBI, GMAS, and Sponsored Budgets

If you are a member of Harvard's research community, you may be interested in the Harvard GMAS blog, which is a great source for GMAS news and information about tools and features of the GMAS system.

In particular, we recommend checking out a recent guest blogger series on OBI, GMAS, and sponsored budgets by Alison Wellman Smith from HUIT:

Upcoming OBI Training Opportunities


OBI Grants Financial Dashboard Webex

Date and Location: February 9th, Cambridge 1033 Mass Ave, 5th Floor, Room 559 and Online Webex

Description: This Webex will focus on the use and applicability of the Grants Financial dashboard for monitoring financial information on sponsored accounts. Join us to explore this dashboard and address your questions.