Overview of ORCID


Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 2:00pm to 3:00pm


Online Zoom Course/Webinar


Have you heard about ORCID or SciENcv? Have you or your PIs started creating profiles in SciENcv? How many platforms have you or the PIs used in the last five-ten years to store CV data, publications, and various other components in the life of an academic? This workshop/webinar will provide you with tools to understand how ORCID interacts with other systems, like NIH eRA Commons and SciENcv, and how you can help your researchers prepare to meet sponsors’ ORCID and ORCID-related requirements.
The presentation will address:

  • What is ORCID and how it relates to other systems
  • How can Research Administrators help their PIs with the requirements for SciENcv and ORCID
  • Understand how to connect the PI’s eRA Commons and ORCID and SciENcv and ORCID
  • Which system they should utilize for the most effective use of time
  • Understand how to access or register for ORCID through Harvard, including authorizing 3rd party access to the individual profiles.

Intended Audience:

Research administrators; anyone assisting faculty with grants, research, and publications


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