Working in OSP

Interested in working at The Office for Sponsored Programs? There are three main areas within Sponsored Programs: Pre-Award, Research Finance, and Cost Analysis & Compliance. We also have an Administration team, a Training team, and a Senior Reporting Analyst supporting our department of 67. Essentially everyone interfaces with Sponsors, clients, business partners, and each other to facilitate research at Harvard University.
Our Pre-Award staff members identify opportunities for research funding, review and assist in the preparation of proposals, negotiate terms and conditions of awards with sponsors, and identify and resolve issues that arise throughout the lifecycle of the award. Pre-Award includes the Operations team and the Grants & Contracts Administration team. The Pre-Award department is led by our Director of Pre-Award Services.
Our Operations team provides all the data entry in GMAS for University-area awards. They manage our quality assurance and make sure we are in compliance with Harvard and Sponsored policies.
Sponsored Programs Administrator               This position is responsible for all data entry in GMAS including review of proposals and award data for completeness, quality assurance, and compliance with all Harvard and Sponsored Polices.
Senior Sponsored Programs Administrator This position is responsible for reporting on all subawards that fall under FFATA University-wide, new organization activation University-wide, super-user functionality in GMAS, overseeing/ logging all sponsored award notices for OSP, and creating business process/documentation for OSP and across the University as needed. 
Data Integrity Project Manager This position develops business processes and guidelines to ensure compliance and smooth user experience with GMAS, assists the manager in overseeing Operations Team workload and progress, develops and implements trainings, and manages GMAS-related projects, including data cleanup and quality assurance.
Senior Manager, Sponsored Operations This position provides strong leadership for the Operations team; envisions, creates, and delivers trainings as needed; and documents business processes as it relates to GMAS, our system of record, for use in OSP, and the broader research community. This position coordinates the University-wide QA meetings and works with the pre-award offices in HMS and HSPH to ensure consistency in business processes across all departments.
Grants & Contracts Administration
Our Grants & Contracts Administration team manages the entire pre-award life of an award. This includes: reviewing proposals for compliance, providing financial and technical expertise, working with sponsors in the development of proposals and contracts, drafting sub agreements and amendments to contracts, as well as creating policies to ensure compliance.
Grants & Contracts Specialist This position is responsible for the management of a complex research portfolio and serves as primary contact to clients, PIs, departments and sponsors on grant related matters. This position maintains complete management of the pre-award life of an award.
Assistant Grants & Contracts Officer This position drafts, negotiates, and coordinates subcontract agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and data use agreements as well as assists with negotiation of terms and conditions of sponsored awards with federal, foundation, industry, foreign, and other sponsors.
Sponsored Programs Officer This position balances the management of a complex research portfolio and serves as a subject matter expert for the Grants and Contracts Specialists. In addition to special projects and policy work, the SPO provides final review and authorized signatures on all proposal submissions.
Grants & Contracts Officer This position is responsible for negotiating terms and conditions of sponsored awards and sub-contracts. This position also interprets Federal and non-Federal rules and regulations and provides training and guidance to pre-award staff on contract negotiations.
Manager, Grants & Contracts Operations This position provides strong leadership and management to the Grants & Contracts Specialists and assists in Client outreach and guidance. This position evaluates workloads and assigns portfolios to ensure equity around the team, manages the subcontracting process, and serves as an authorized signatory for proposal submission. 
Associate Director, Grants & Contracts Administration This position is responsible for providing leadership, advice, and superior client service in the provision of all pre-award services, including but not limited to proposal review and submission, negotiation of terms and conditions, compliance review, and account setup for a total portfolio of over $300 million.
Our Research Finance team is responsible for financial reporting, cash management, and account management for the University's sponsored awards. Staff in Research Finance have been organized into teams that support each school with their reporting and cash management needs. The school teams are led by Portfolio Managers and are supported by Financial Analysts. On the cash management side, the Manager oversees a team of four in the review of Award Agreements and establishment of reporting and billing parameters. This team sets up and monitors invoice accounts and manages the letters of credit (LOC) for several Federal agencies. In addition to the teams that support schools and the cash management and reporting team, a senior staffer is dedicated to outreach and compliance and supporting teams with more complex grant matters. This staff member also supports the University with the annual A-133 audit as well as other Sponsor audits and requests. The Research Finance department is led by our Director of Research Finance & Reporting.
Research Finance
Our Research Finance team is responsible for oversight and management of financial policy, compliance, and reporting issues that arise through the life cycle of an award. This team captures essential reporting requirements and schedules financial reports for all University awards.  
Financial Analyst This position manages a portfolio of awards and handles all financial reporting and account reconciliation for that portfolio. This position also provides superior customer service to departments and Sponsors and serves as experts in cost accounting and financial and administrative research compliance.
Senior Financial Analyst This position maintains the same responsibilities as a Financial Analyst, while also providing training and leadership in regards to financial reporting, cost accounting, research compliance, and sponsored policies and procedures to peers and clients. This position also reviews, approves, and signs invoices and provides GMAS expertise level support.
Portfolio Manager, Research Finance This position oversees a team of staff and is responsible for all aspects of financial management and reporting as well as managing client relationships with Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, and the University Area schools. This position is responsible for assigning work and developing staff capabilities to deliver as well as meeting sponsor and client demands and deadlines.
Manager, Outreach & Compliance This position is responsible for compliance and client outreach across the University. This position provides leadership across Post-Award functions to ensure compliance with Harvard and Sponsor policies and guidelines. This position also provides guidance, support, and coordination for audits across the University.
Sponsored Reporting, Billing, & Collection
The Sponsored Financial Reporting, Billing and Collection team has primary responsibility for managing cash receipts, including the management of approximately $600 million in letters of credit and accounts receivable. Receipts include checks, wire transfers as well as draw down of funds on letters of credit. This team is also responsible for oversight of the University's sponsored accounts receivable.

Cash Management

This position supports the team with letter of credit activities, collections and accounts receivable, and reporting on cash management funds and activities. This position also assists with improvement and development of internal financial reporting and grants management systems and acts as a back-up for processing payments and reconciling funds.
Financial Analyst This position supports the team in all check- and wire payment-related activities. This position is responsible for receiving and processing all sponsored checks and wire payments as well as tracking all sponsored payments and managing the OSP Lockbox.
Senior Financial Analyst  This position supports the team with all letter of credit (LOC) activities and post-award support. This position processes monthly reconciliation and cash draw of LOC funds and prepares and submits LOC accountability reports.
Manager, Sponsored Reporting, Billing & Collection This position provides leadership and management for the team and is responsible for cash management operations and financial reporting and analysis for the University's ~$800 million research portfolio. This position is also responsible for billing and collections as well as working with the Research Finance team to ensure on-time and accurate invoicing, application of cash, and follow-up on uncollected accounts.
Our Cost Analysis & Compliance team provides University-wide leadership in preparing and negotiating the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) proposals that are submitted to the federal government. Additional responsibilities include oversight of effort reporting, equipment management and reporting, subrecipient monitoring, policy updates, and compliance functions. These responsibilities focus on creating, updating, and monitoring internal controls for the University's research community. The Cost Analysis & Compliance team is led by our Director of Cost Analysis & Compliance.
Cost Analyst This position is responsible for supporting a variety of cross-University projects including: assisting with the preparation of the F&A rate, monitoring subrecipients, managing sponsored capital equipment, coordinating annual equipment audits, facilitating compliance of service center rate calculations, and providing data analysis to support all of the functions of the group.
Research Systems Operations Manager

This position focuses on ecrt (Huron) effort reporting software, subrecipient monitoring, and sponsored capital equipment management. This position provides reporting and assists with audit preparation across all three areas. As the business manager for ecrt, the position also provides training and technical help to colleagues within OSP and throughout the University. Additionally, as the manager of subrecipient monitoring, this position coordinates and runs the Quarterly Subrecipient Monitoring committee and updates and communicates policy. The manager supervises the Cost Analyst.

Senior Cost Accounting, Reporting, and Compliance Analyst This position is responsible for the overall project management associated with the preparation of the three University F&A proposals. This position is also responsible for policy development/updates, monitoring compliance with internal controls, and assisting with equipment management and subrecipient monitoring.
Our training team provides Sponsored Research training support on a University-wide basis. The team supports the development and delivery of the REACH program, ad-hoc trainings, and online trainings for Sponsored Administration.
Sponsored Research Education Program Manager This position is responsible for supporting the University-wide Research Administration trainings. These trainings include the REACH program, ad-hoc and online trainings. This position helps create content, find presenters, manage registration, and organize the logistics of these trainings.
Associate Director of Training & Compliance This position is responsible for a wide range of Sponsored Administration activities for the Office for Sponsored Programs which includes direction and oversight for University training initiatives, developing and implementing policy, maintaining an environment of research compliance, and serving as a liaison for private and federal audits.
Our Administrative team provides overall support to the entire department by: managing facilities, managing IT requests/support, securing conference rooms and scheduling meetings, ordering supplies, managing the OSP Website and social media, and providing HR support as needed.
Administrative Coordinator This position is responsible for ordering supplies, managing internal conference rooms, scheduling meetings and trainings, and providing ad hoc support. This position also acts as the OSP Webmaster and is responsible for all aspects of the OSP website as well as managing and maintaining OSP's social media presence through our blog and Twitter accounts. This position works with the Department Administrator to create and collect useful information for dissemination to the Sponsored Research community internally and externally.
Executive Assistant This position is responsible for providing full support for our Senior Director and Directors. This position maintains calendars and scheduling for all senior leadership as well as provides support with filing, communication, presentations, and events. This position also supports OSP management and staff as needed.
Department Administrator This position is responsible for providing leadership and management for the Administrative team. This position also prepares and manages the annual OSP budget, manages departmental facilities and IT, and works as the department's HR liaison. This position acts as the voice of OSP and is responsible for ensuring that OSP is communicating and sharing useful information to clients and the Sponsored Research community as a whole.
Please reach out to Eric Dorman with any questions, comments, or suggestions!