Sponsored Systems Training

GMAS Basics and Requests

This class provides attendees with an introduction to Harvard’s Grants Management Application Suite (GMAS) and how it is used to manage sponsored projects. The following topics are covered during the full day session:

  • Basic system navigation
  • Overview of the content housed within the system
  • How to access different project data elements
  • Project creation using the request guided steps
  • How to route proposals for review and sign off
  • Review of all the request types available and guidance on when they should be used
  • Project security
  • Portfolio management tools

For upcoming dates and more information on GMAS Basics and Requests Training, please click HERE.

GMAS System to System

GMAS S2S training instructs users on how they can utilize GMAS to streamline their submission process for certain federal funding opportunities and build and submit their proposals directly to grants.gov through GMAS. This course will teach you how to identify S2S eligibility, build your electronic forms, enter your budget, upload documents and submit to grants.gov using GMAS. This course assumes familiarity with GMAS request entry and grants.gov forms.

For upcoming dates and more information on GMAS System to System Trainings, please click HERE.

OBI Tools for Grants Management Reporting

View the online OBI Tools Training here. For additional information on OBI, see the OBI Wiki.

ecrt - Electronic Effort Reporting and Salary Certification System

The Center for Workplace Development (CWD) offers an in-person training class designed for grant managers, primary effort coordinators and tub effort coordinators.  To register online for the ecrt Effort Reporting Basics class, log into PeopleSoft and request training enrollment. The course number is SPA150.  

ecrt Basics Training
A copy of the slides used in the CWD training course.  Topics include an overview of the effort reporting lifecycle, ecrt roles and responsibilities, policy overview, troubleshooting and method for adjustments and tips and tricks. 

Online Simulations
The following online ecrt simulations are available through the Harvard Training Portal (pin log-in required):

See also: GMAS