Recommended Sponsored Administration Trainings

Below, we have developed suggestions for training to better support and serve you in your role at Harvard managing Research Administration.

Click here view research administration course catalog listings in the Harvard Training Portal.

For managers: you can assign most of these trainings to your direct reports in the Harvard Training Portal. Please refer to Managing Your Team’s Learning to read more about how to assign training in the Portal.

Table 1: Recommended Sponsored Administration Trainings
If you Examples of positions Relevant trainings
  • Book travel
  • Order supplies or materials
  • Prepare or approve transactions for payment on sponsored funds.
Research Lab Assistant, Faculty Assistant, Accounting/Finance Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Grants Manager, Financial Associate Strongly Recommended Online Training (online trainings take 15 to 30 minutes) Additional Recommended Training, depending on role
  • Play a role in effort reporting
  Strongly Recommended Additional Recommended
  • Oversee employees who prepare or approve transactions on sponsored awards
Administrative Director, Lab Director, Lab Manager, Financial Manager, Financial Director, Executive Director Recommended
  • Purchase Federally Sponsored Equipment
  • Approve Federally Sponsored Equipment
  • Manage Federally Sponsored Equipment
Equipment Manager, Lab Manager, Faculty Assistant, Grant Administrator, Department Administrator Recommended

Suggested for review (depending on role): Oracle Fixed Assets Job Aids


Page updated 1/14/2020