REACH Advanced Program

REACH Advanced: Level 3


Purpose To enable institutional leaders in research administration to broaden and customize their knowledge base, enhancing their day-to-day work performance and strengthening the skills needed to think critically about evolving policies and emerging issues. 
Required Experience 6 + years in research administration or related field
Format Large lectures and small discussion groups
Time Commitment* 10 2-hour sessions completed anytime within a 2 year/24 month period = 20 total classroom hours over a period of up to 2 years/24 months
Location Regularly alternating between Cambridge and Longwood
Assignments/Deliverables 10 Journal Entries (short essays) plus a Capstone Project
Admissions Rolling Quarterly
Application components Application form, Resume, Personal Statement 

*All assessments and deliverables are completed outside of class time. Please consider this factor when estimating the total time commitment. Because every student is different, we do not provide time estimates for independent work outside of the classroom.


The REACH Advanced Certificate Program provides a flexible format to enable institutional leaders in research administration to broaden and customize their knowledge base in this ever-changing field. Through timely topic-driven sessions taught by subject experts from within and outside of Harvard, participants will acquire practical, current and highly relevant information to enhance their day-to-day work performance, and the skills to think critically about evolving policies and emerging issues. Session formats will vary, ranging from small group discussions to large lectures. Cross-University networking among accepted students will be facilitated through regular conference calls to which participants are encouraged to bring pressing, challenging research administration issues to the table.

With monthly sessions offered, alternating between Cambridge and Longwood locations, Advanced Certificate applicants will be required to attend 10 events over a 24 month period.  Events qualifying for REACH Advanced will be clearly announced as suchahead of time to allow participants to plan accordingly.

Remaining space in REACH Advanced sessions will be made available to the non-certificate Harvard employees on a first come-first serve basis. Those not enrolled in REACH Advanced will be allowed to attend up to two REACH Advanced sessions before they apply and gain admission to the program. Courses completed before admission (no more than two) will count toward the completion of the Advanced certificate. 

• Please click here for the REACH Advanced course information sheet.

Upcoming Offerings

Title: Structures for Encouraging Discovery and Their Incentive Effects for Faculty

Date/Time/Location: 10/20/2016, 3:00pm-4:30pm, LMA Countway Library, Room 503
Session Description: Please join us for a sketch of the landscape of relationships and incentives presented to university faculty as they conduct research funded by government and industry.  Topics will include a review of fundamental policies concerning the scope of federal research funding since World War II, including the Bayh-Dole Act on ownership of patent rights, and resultant intrauniversity patent-sharing policies; financial relationships between industry and faculty, and resulting incentives; rationale for conflict of interest policies; and as an illustrative case, an explanation of the controversy concerning patents on human DNA sequences and the story of how many biologists first joined with industry in supporting, and then came to oppose, cDNA patents.
Faculty/Lead Presenter: Louis M. Guenin, Lecturer on Ethics, Department of Microbiology and Immunobiology, Harvard Medical School

Title: Negotiating Sponsored Agreements: Challenging Language in Grants and Contracts

Date/Time/Location: 11/4/2016, 11am-1pm, Cambridge, Lamont Library Forum Room
Sponsored agreements come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The type of sponsor as well as the type of work the researcher will be performing both play a large part in the form and content of an agreement. Certain terms and conditions may not fit within Harvard’s policies and procedures, which can require additional levels of negotiation and approvals. This session will discuss some of the most common issues we’re presented with, and hopefully shed some light on best practices for all those involved in finalizing a sponsored agreement.
Session leaders/presenters: Melissa N. Maher, Grants and Contracts Officer, Sponsored Programs Administration, Harvard Medical School
Carolina Harvey, Assistant Grants and Contracts Officer, Office of Sponsored Programs, Harvard University
Rachel Talentino, Assistant Grants and Contracts Officer, Office of Sponsored Programs, Harvard University

To register for these sessions, please visit the OSP Training Calendar

Information Sessions

Information sessions will be offered regularly through WebEx; please check this page and the OSP Calendar periodically for updates. Please feel free to contact with any questions. 

Selection Process

The REACH Advanced Program will have quarterly admission deadlines.  An admissions committee will review all applications and each applicant will be informed via of admission status. Prospective applicants not yet accepted to the Advanced Program may attend and apply up to two Advanced sessions for credit toward the Advanced Certificate at the time of application. Applicants must certify that they have received manager approval and complete a personal statement. 


To apply, candidates must certify that they have at least 6 years of experience in Research Administration or a related field. This experience does not need to be exclusive to Harvard. Candidates must also certify that they have spoken with their manager - no manager signature or formal approval required, applicants are implicitly trusted to gain their manager’s approval and pledge to do so in the application. Applicants are also required to fill out a breif deomographic form, and upload a current resume and personal statement. The personal statement should be 200 words or less and describe your interest in the program.

Please note, up to two (2) courses completed before admission will count toward the completion of the Advanced certificate. 

Click here to access the REACH Advanced Application.*

*Applications for all REACH Programs are managed through the REACH Slideroom website ( You will need to create a Slideroom account (providing your name/email address) in order to complete an application; this is a one-time process and personal information will not be shared by Slideroom. Your Slideroom account can be used to check on the status of your application as well as to apply for any other REACH programs in the future.