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View the basic training offerings that a Research Administrator at Harvard should take.

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Learning opportunities are also available outside of Harvard. Below are some organizations that offer conferences, discussion groups and classes on research administration. This is also a great way to network with colleagues from other institutions, share experiences and best practices.

Emmanuel College offers two academic programs in Research Administration:

Graduate Certificate in Research Administration

The Graduate Certificate in Research Administration (one year part-time) is an academic opportunity for professionals currently working or interested in working in an academic or non-profit research environment. The specialized certificate is an innovative program that addresses critical knowledge areas for research administrators including finance and accounting, compliance, legal issues and organizational behavior.

Master of Science in Management with specialization in Research Administration

The Master of Science in Management with specialization in Research Administration allows sponsored research professionals to combine critical learning in the field of research administration with the management knowledge and business skills required to be a successful professional.

Other external learning opportunities: