GMAS Report and Invoice Types/Names

The Financial Reports, Invoices, and Process type names in GMAS changed in October 2013. This change was meant to improve upon the process, and there will be a smaller list of names listed in GMAS to choose from going forward. Below are the current GMAS Form Types (Updated 10/15/2013).

Table 1: Invoices

Name Full Name and Description
I-HUI I‐HUI ‐ HU Standard Invoice
I-HUFI I‐HUFI ‐ HU Standard Fixed Invoice
I-SF270 I‐SF270 ‐ Request for Advance or Reimbursement
I-SF1034/1035 I‐SF1034/1035 ‐ Public Voucher for Purchases and Services
I-SPI I‐SPI ‐ Sponsor Invoice
I-IM I-Internal Memo
I-RETENT I‐RETENT ‐ Retention Invoice

Table 2: Financial Reports

Name Full Name and Description
FR-HUFR FR‐HUFR ‐ HU Standard Financial Report
FR-HUFR-B FR‐HUFR‐B ‐ HU Standard Financial Report w/ Budget
FR-SF425 FR‐SF425 ‐ Federal Financial Report
FR-SF425SH FR‐SF425 Short ‐ Federal Financial Report Short
FR-PFFR FR-PFFR - P -Account Transitional FFR
FR-SPFR FR‐SPFR ‐ Sponsor Financial Report
FR-ARRA_Q FR‐ARRA‐Q ‐ Quarterly ARRA Stimulus Report
FR-ASNREL FR‐ASNREL ‐ Assignment & Release Forms
FR-COSTSH FR‐COSTSH ‐ Cost Sharing Report Form
FR-OTHER FR‐OTHER ‐ Other Financial Report

Table 3: Processes

Name Full Name and Description
R-ARRA_Rev R‐ARRA Review
P-NCE P-NCE - Pending No-Cost Extension