Disabling Sponsored CoA Values

Disabling is the technical process of no longer allowing charges to post to a 33-digit string in the General Ledger. Sponsored business owners have defined the business process of disabling a sponsored account when the account is fully reconciled (Expenses + Income = zero and expenses = Final Figure) and the project end date/budget end date has expired by at least 90 days. At this point, the subactivity is flagged in the system to be disabled in the general ledger and GMAS. Once disabled, the GL will no longer accept postings to that 33-digit string.

When an award is terminated, the Chart of Account (CoA) values (activity/subactivity combination and fund value) assigned to that award must be disabled to prohibit subsequent accounting transactions to that account.

In order to provide meaningful data in GMAS and the OBI Grants Management dashboards, it is important that OSP and the department work together to reconcile accounts and close out those project segments on a timely basis. Segment closeout will occur after all accounts have been disabled and any open pre-award or post-award items in GMAS have been closed.

All sponsored accounts (activity-subactivity combination) should be disabled within 120 days after the project end date. This disabling can take place when all three of the following criteria are met:

  • The project budget end date has expired by at least 90 days
  • A final figure has been entered and matches expenditures
  • The sum of revenues and expenditures equal zero

Disabling Sponsored Accounts: High Level Summary

Once a final figure has been entered in the GMAS and an account is reconciled, the activity/subactivity combination will automatically disable in the General Ledger 90 days after the project/budget end date. After all accounts (sub-activities) in an award are disabled, then the project segment in GMAS will be manually closed 9 months after the project end date. Funds values are automatically sent to disable in the GL following the segment closeout. The fund disable process is coordinated between OSP and tub/local units.   And currently, Activity values do not disable in the GL.

Sponsored Chart of Accounts Disabling Order:

  • Subactivity Disabling
  • Segment Closeout
  • Fund Disabling

The Subactivity Disabling Process

Every month GMAS performs a query against the sponsored account data base. The query returns accounts whose subactivity "account end date" is more than 90 days old, the account status is not "closed" and a final figure has been entered in GMAS (0.00 is an acceptable final figure if no charges post to the account).

This process occurs on the 4th of every month. Accounts that satisfy the subactivity disabling criteria are then disabled by the 10th of that month (or by the 18th of the month for quarterly closing).  

The Segment Closeout Process

Each month, a list of segments with no active subactivites for segments that ended over 9 months ago is distributed to OSP and pre-award (including HMA ORA, SPH SPA, and OSP pre-award). Pre-award and post-award will confirm that there are no pending requests or open items in GMAS and that the project is not ongoing.  All segments with no active subactivities are then manually closed in GMAS.

The Fund Disabling Process

Funds are sent to automatically disable in the first week of the month after the segment has been closed.

Disabling FAQs

  • How can I tell if my account is disabled?
    • Navigate to the segment home page in GMAS, select the Accounts section. The account status is the third to last column on the right, labelled Status. If the account is disabled then the status will be marked 'Closed'.
  • What are the different GL statuses in GMAS and what do they mean?
    • Active: can transact to the GL
    • Closed: can no longer transact to the GL
    • Validated: account has been set up in GMAS, is in the process of being authorized by CSMA and will be active shortly. (Note: GMAS sends Chart of Account values to the GL 4 times per day)
    • Under Development: account set up is still in process. Most Under Development accounts are "shells" created for pending subagreements.
    • At Risk: the sponsor agreement has not been finalized. Departments may spend on these accounts, but will assume financial responsibility per the fully signed At-risk Account Request Form if the award is not fully executed.
  • My account is over 90 days old and is still open! How can I figure out why?
  • Do activity values disable in GMAS?
    • No.
  • Can I request to re-enable a disabled subactivity?
    • Request for re-enabling a closed sponsored account must be approved by OSP and will be granted only for extenuating circumstances (e.g., remove an unallowable cost or a late refund from a subcontractor).  A re-enable request form is required and should be coordinated with your OSP Financial Analyst.
  • Can I request to re-activate a closed segment in GMAS?
    • No. Once a project segment is closed in GMAS, it cannot be re-activated.  This is an internal control that was built into GMAS.