Revised University Subrecipient Monitoring Policy Released

Author: Tracey Westervelt

The revised University Subrecipient Monitoring Policy was updated in March 2017 and has been released. This updated policy is meant to instruct faculty and research administration staff on implementing necessary procedures to ensure Harvard’s proper stewardship of sponsor funds issued through subawards. Funds issued through Harvard subawards to subrecipient organizations should receive the same level of scrutiny as funds remaining at Harvard. Faculty and administrators should use this policy as a resource to ensure that Harvard’s subawards are used effectively and in compliance with Federal regulations and sponsor terms and conditions. The revisions to the policy are minor: (1) further clarifying roles and responsibilities (2) removing procedures to be in line with other policies (3) adding links to additional resources. You can find the revised policy here:

OSP has scheduled 4 training sessions to address the changes to the University policy. The training sessions will focus on the following:

  • Changes to University Subrecipient Monitoring Policy
  • Demonstration of University Subrecipient Monitoring Database
  • Resources in the Toolkit
  • Quarterly Review Process

The training session is strongly recommended for all grants management staff responsible for reviewing subaward invoices/financial reports, processing subaward payments and reporting on subawards. The sessions will focus on the administrative aspects of subrecipient monitoring. Additional information regarding the training sessions will be released to the grants management community in the coming weeks.