New 5-Day Policy Exception Request Form for University Area Proposal Submissions

In exciting news, starting on April 1st, the process to request an exception to the University Area 5 Day Submission Policy will be changed. Instead of email, all requests will be submitted through a simple online form. No further action is required after submitting the form.

The form is available directly from the OSP website or by visiting this link:

This new process will not only streamline the process to request any exceptions but also allow us to track data on late submissions and exception requests as a whole. Current data is incomplete and requires manual record keeping.

We encourage researchers to use the form; however, we understand that the decision will vary among schools, departments, and centers. Finally, we expect that better data will allow the Harvard research community to engage in a meaningful discussion about the current submission policy and possible improvements for our staff and researchers.

Similar submission policy exception request forms are also available for Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health proposal submissions and Harvard Medical School proposal submissions.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Jennifer Ponting, Director, Pre-Award Services, with any questions or concerns.


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