Grantee Tips for Success - NIH Resubmission Applications

Dear Research Community,

Are you resubmitting an application to NIH? Are you deciding to either submit a new or a resubmission?   If so, this guidance is for you.  Over time NIH has updated their resubmission policy (see policy details below.) It is important that you remain up-to-date on these NIH policies and fully understand when to submit a new or a resubmission. This process is not always intuitive therefore it’s important to read the latest NIH policy and Funding Opportunity Application (FOA) to ensure that your submission goes through successfully.  In addition, always review the parent Funding Opportunity Application for additional guidance on resubmission if there are any FOA updates. Please visit the NIH resubmission policy and FAQs links (see resources below.) These links are updated in real time by NIH periodically and are great tools to remain informed of any changes to NIH resubmission polices.

In a Nutshell - Excerpt from NIH Resubmission Policy and Procedures

A resubmission is an unfunded application that has been modified following initial review and resubmitted for consideration.

  • You may resubmit after a new, renewal, or revision application­­­­­, as specified by the funding opportunity announcement.
  • We allow only one resubmission for each new, unfunded application.  Following an unsuccessful resubmission (A1) application, applicants may submit the same idea as a new (A0) application for the next appropriate new application due date.
  • You may submit an unfunded new application as new again, without a resubmission.
  • Before a resubmission application can be submitted, the PD/PI must have received the summary statement from the previous review.
  • You must resubmit within 37 months of the application it follows.  Thereafter, the application must be submitted as a new application.
  • After an unsuccessful resubmission, you may submit the idea as a new application.
  • A resubmission has a suffix in its application identification number, e.g., A1. (Resubmissions were previously called “amended” applications, hence “A1”.)
  • The NIH will not accept duplicate or highly overlapping applications under review at the same time, except in certain limited circumstances.

Application Requirements for Resubmission Applications

  • You may need to make significant changes to the resubmission, compared to the new application that it follows.
  • You must include an introduction for all resubmission that:
    • summarizes substantial additions, deletions, and changes to the application
    • individual changes do not need to be identified within other application attachments (e.g., do not need to bold or italicize changes in Research Strategy)
    • responds to the issues and criticism raised in the summary statement
    • is one page or less in length, unless specified otherwise in the FOA or is specified differently on our table of page limits.
  • You may choose to submit an introduction for individual components of a multiproject application; it is not required at the component level.
  • A resubmission of a revision uses the same one page for all introductory information.
  • Career development and fellowship applicants must arrange for resubmission of the three reference letters required for those programs.

Policy Details

Reminders Related to the NIH/AHRQ Policy for Application Submission NOT-OD-15-059
Clarifications to the NIH and AHRQ Policy for Application Submission NOT-OD-14-082
Overlapping applications NOT-OD-09-100
Overlap with another application pending appeal of initial peer review NOT-OD-11-101
Time limit of 37 months for resubmissions NOT-OD-12-128


NIH Policy:


We encourage faculty and departmental administrators to submit questions about resubmission with the pre-award representative associated with your grant application in advance or as soon the application is being developed.  Your Pre-award representative can be located in our OSP Website and GMAS or you can reach us at our reception area at (617) 495-5501.  Please adhere to our Proposal Submission Deadline Policy on submitting your application to ensure that your application is submitted in a timely manner and without any systematic errors.  The Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) strives for great customer service and looks forward to our continuous collaboration.