Financial Reporting Application Portal (FRAP)

The Financial Reporting Application Portal (FRAP or the Portal) was developed to facilitate the process of invoicing and financial reporting to extramural sponsors. FRAP improves the accuracy and consistency of financial information provided to sponsors and significantly reduces the total time it takes to produce invoices and financial reports by automating standardized formats, centralizing the data and process, and streamlining communication. Moreover, the application eliminates the need to “run” and print off reams of reports because all the data you need to produce a report and analyze the content is contained in FRAP. The Portal is a web-based application that pulls information from two key underlying Harvard systems: the Oracle General Ledger (GL) and the Grants Management Application Suite (GMAS). The Portal generates invoices and reports and, once reviewed and approved by department and OSP staff, these documents are automatically uploaded to GMAS and automatically marked as complete. Additionally, routine interim invoices scheduled as Harvard University Invoices (I-HUI) are automatically submitted to sponsor via email each week.


FRAP Updates

We recently transitioned operations of FRAP to our colleagues in Financial Systems Solutions (FSS). As many of you know, FSS is responsible for GMAS and many other Research Administration and FAD systems. This is great news because FSS has been assisting us over the past few months with the transition from a 3rd party vendor, and their involvement with this and their expertise has enabled us to further stabilize FRAP.


New Users to FRAP

FRAP is PIN-protected, but you must also request access before you can use FRAP.

  • Department managers can email for a new user request within their department (or terminated user requests)
  • In the email, provide the following information:

User name
Harvard email address for the user
List of ORG number to which the user will need access


Access FRAP here:

FRAP Monthly Calendar (PDF)  

Select FY14 Research Finance Metrics Enabled by FRAP

  • Reporting (invoicing and financial reporting) volumes increased 18% over FY13
  • FRAP now automates 59% of our routine invoices and financial reports to sponsors
  • The backlog of "past due" invoices and financial reports has been reduced by 44% since October 2013
  • Closed and unreconciled awards have been reduced by 52% since December 2013