Upcoming Training Opportunity, NSF Proposal Submission Modernization (PSM) Webinar

You are invited to participate in the National Science Foundation (NSF) Electronic Research Administration (ERA) Forum Webinar on March 15, 2017 from 10:00-11:30 a.m. ET

The purpose of the Forum is to gather individual opinions and perspectives around NSF ERA activities. The topic of the third ERA Forum will be NSF’s Proposal Submission Modernization (PSM) initiative. This Forum will specifically focus on Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) and Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) access and activities.

What should we know about the revised version of NSF’s PAPPG?

As we’ve discussed recently on this blog, NSF has announced a new version of its Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG), NSF 17-1, and there are significant changes in this document that will be important for the sponsored research community. NSF has modified the PAPPG in its entirety, eliminating separate recognition of the Grants Proposal Guide (GPG) and the Award & Administration Guide (AAG). With NSF 17-1, the entire document will be referred to as PAPPG, Parts I and II, with chapters sequentially numbered from I-XII.

Automated Proposal Compliance Checks for NSF Proposals, Effective July 25, 2016

A recent advisory from the NSF notes that effective July 25, 2016, all NSF proposals will be subject to a new series of automated compliance validation checks to ensure compliance with requirements in the Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG), Chapter II.C.2. This new series of automated compliance checks are in addition to those that were implemented in previous years. Click here for a complete list of FastLane auto-compliance checks, including the new checks.

When Deadlines Disappear: NSF Test Finds That Eliminating Deadlines Reduces Number of Proposals

Author: Jessica McCann

As detailed recently in Science Magazine’s ScienceInsider, NSF may have found a unique new way to reduce the number of proposals it receives. Assistant Director for Geosciences Roger Wakimoto announced that NSF has completed a pilot project in which submission deadlines were removed across four different grant programs. The results are staggering: proposal submissions dropped by 59% after deadlines were eliminated.

NSF Deadline Extension Advisory

Per the FastLane website, NSF is closed today due to inclement weather. The agency has also posted the following notice regarding deadline extensions:

All proposal deadlines from January 22nd and January 25th are extended to January 26, 5:00PM submitter's local time as a result of NSF closure.

For more information, see the FastLane homepage.