Two NIH Notices Released Friday, 3/17

On Friday, 3/17, NIH released two new Notices that are of interest to the research community. You can read the full Notices via the links below:

  • NOT-OD-17-048: NIH Operates Under a Continuing Resolution
  • NOT-OD-17-049: Interim Guidance on Salary Limitation for Grants and Cooperative Agreements

Harvard's GMAS Blog - Great Information on OBI, GMAS, and Sponsored Budgets

If you are a member of Harvard's research community, you may be interested in the Harvard GMAS blog, which is a great source for GMAS news and information about tools and features of the GMAS system.

In particular, we recommend checking out a recent guest blogger series on OBI, GMAS, and sponsored budgets by Alison Wellman Smith from HUIT:

What should we know about the revised version of NSF’s PAPPG?

As we’ve discussed recently on this blog, NSF has announced a new version of its Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG), NSF 17-1, and there are significant changes in this document that will be important for the sponsored research community. NSF has modified the PAPPG in its entirety, eliminating separate recognition of the Grants Proposal Guide (GPG) and the Award & Administration Guide (AAG). With NSF 17-1, the entire document will be referred to as PAPPG, Parts I and II, with chapters sequentially numbered from I-XII.